5 Scented Candles to Beat The Winter Blues

Beat the winter blues, they say. But here at the February Candle Company, we’d rather think in terms of savouring the season! Winter arrives with its own charms and romance. If deep snow tends to turn your mood dour, consider cozy blankets to sweeten the sour.

The magic of winter can be found in such contrasts. Think of watching snow fall silently through windows while the soundtrack of a crackling fireplace or clicking radiator plays in the background. Our skin and soul both are warmed by this mixed scene. A hot cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate is somewhat more satisfying when it serves to stave off winter’s chill.

Keep in mind that while winter sets in, there are many things we can do to control our setting. The landscape out there is Mother Nature’s playground, but our homes and workspaces are ours to curate. The places in which we dwell are little islands amid the winter winds and storms that bluster outside our walls, and we can outfit them accordingly.

Like the clothes we wear in more northern climes, this season has many layers we can peel back to shore up and suit our moods and the changing weather. We like to say that the decadence is in the details.

Of sailing, sang Christopher Cross, the canvas can do miracles. We feel that way about candles. They can be to us little beacons of contrast during these months, like lighthouses illuminating our way as time’s tide carries us toward the shores of springtime and summer.

But for the near future, darkness falls during late afternoon, so let’s kindle our own little sliver of sunshine on the windowsill. We’re all for the passion and playfulness of fruit and sweet scents that arrive with warmer weather. Those days are coming! But during these weeks between December and March, we like to pair our scents with the soul of the season. Here are a few that work for us.

Evening Rituals
Rituals are a marriage of routine and result. Through the process of devoted repetition, mind and spirit are calmed, and things are accomplished. Any task may be turned into a ritual, and those mindful moments might just help carry us through the winter. Why not light a candle when washing dishes or going through the mail? Soft-scented, earthy and leathery in its notes, Evening Rituals is bolstered and tinged with the deep and dignified character of tobacco. To round out the fragrance, white tea, orchid, purple peonies and vanilla have been invited to the gathering.

Midnight Forest
Here, we invite an iota of the outdoors into our sheltered spaces - minus the cold. Warmth is what we crave, a coziness of body and spirit. Earthy forest notes echo the hint of spruce trees’ mint. Think pinecones, musk and the fir fragrance of a forest escapade. Dashing through the snow indeed! The weather outside may stay frightful for the foreseeable future, but we’ll be darned if we don’t make our inside spaces so delightful! Lighting this little fragrant flame is just the trick.

Honey & Bourbon
We love to pair this scent with the brewing and imbibing of hot beverages. Add Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” to your playlist, and cozy up with a hot mug of your favoured concoction. While the snow and temperature fall outside, spirits and hope rise within! This candle will complement your mood, permeating your space with its golden glow and sweet fragrance. A warm-sugar scent of honey dances with bold bourbon, to cast a slight fruit-and-spice syrup spell over any environment. Wish we were there.

Cashmere and Vanilla
This scent caresses all the senses and is a warm blanket for the soul. Snow shovelling must be done, but keep Cashmere and Vanilla in mind when clearing your walkway of the white stuff. When that work is finished, celebrate your achievement by kindling this candle. It exudes subtle and clean tactile tones of cashmere and leaves a phantom flavour of vanilla on the tongue. Ours is a truly warm and sexy vanilla, elevated by woody cashmere and sweet amber, rounded out with the faintest notes of citrus fruit.

This scent is destined to be an antidote to winter doldrums. It’s a wake-up call and hearty breakfast for the senses, a scent to sustain the spirit through these long winter months. It’s enlivened by feisty pink peppercorn, cumin and patchouli while retaining its sweetness with grapefruit, plum and vanilla notes. Notes of black rose lie at the center to balance the scales, for a fragrance that satiates the soul with a spicy flourish.

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