Top 3 Candle Scents for Autumn

While savouring the waning weeks of August and September, we like to give a thought to Autumn, a season whose cool, fragrant and spicy persona can be a welcome sequel to the sultry days of summer. Because just like your northern neighbours’ Autumn leaves, the season itself is soon gone. It falls to us to savour it as much as we can. And here at the February Candle Company, we believe that savouring is no spectator sport – it’s an active undertaking.

We don’t wait for the season to happen to us, hoping to catch a stray whiff of autumn here and there. We throw both arms around and pull it close, like that returning friend we haven’t seen for a year. And because visiting friends can’t stay forever, we want to make our time together special and memorable.

Yes, Fall’s just around the corner, so let’s start setting the table to welcome it. We like to submerse ourselves in the season, like jumping and disappearing into a crisp pile of raked leaves. In practical terms, that means cultivating the sights, sounds and smells of the season.

Among the low-hanging fruit of the Fall feels are luxurious candles. Lots of ‘em! Here’s a selection we think speaks to the soul of the season.

Autumn is the time of harvest, may we recommend Maple Chai and Sweet Cream to enhance your space? Chai is the United Nations of the spice world, a recipe that convenes many flavours into a taste greater than the sum of its parts. Its medley of spices fits right in with the auspices of Autumn, like a stick of cinnamon in your apple cider.

Not to throw shade on our southern neighbours, but we think Autumn is the sweetest in northern climes, where deciduous trees blush like a rolling kaleidoscope of oranges, yellows and reds. That’s synonymous with Maple Syrup season, and thus this signature scent was born. A hint of Sweet Cream has been added to smooth out the offering.

Honey and Bourbon, anyone? Of course, you want some. Our H & B candle will complement your mood, permeating your space with its golden glow and sweet fragrance. A warm-sugar scent of honey dances with bold bourbon, casting a slight fruit-and-spice syrup spell over any environment. Our Honey & Bourbon scented candle is a classic addition to your Autumn candle collection - a welcoming flicker to visitors, its warm and wholesome scent greeting them at the door.

Completing our Autumn trio of candles is Cashmere and Vanilla. This scent caresses all the senses. The subtle and clean tactile tones of cashmere, the phantom flavour of vanilla on the tongue, and its sister scent when you softly inhale. It’s elevated by woody cashmere and sweet amber rounded out with the faintest notes of citrus fruit. Cashmere embodies the softness of Autumn, a respite between seasons whose temperament and temperatures can test even the most stoic of souls. And subtle, versatile vanilla is so well-suited to the Fall, with a warm sweetness to balance the season’s spice.

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