Bath Time Rituals

There are few self-care rituals as personal and secluded as a hot bath. We don’t need to convince you of the healing properties of water. The bath is a luxury, a therapy that dates back as far as recorded history. For some, this simple setup is just the thing. Yet we invite you to fully curate that bath space, make it personal, and really allow your creativity to roam. Here we are immersed in a warm cocoon of water, which in and of itself is a sublime sensory experience. Yet the bathtub is just the centrepiece of a many-layered sanctum – the room itself – one composed of sound, light, scent and other sensations. As you are the composer of that sensory symphony, we suggest you make it a masterpiece.

And some finely-tuned instruments will go a long way toward making that happen. Try the following:

For an easy upgrade, cut the artificial lights, and kindle a few wicks to create a romantic, aquatic ambiance and illuminate your bath space with one of our scented candles. For an adventure in aromatherapy, try our Evening Rituals, Cashmere & Vanilla, or Midnight Forest scented candles. Their subtle, yet luxurious scents are well-suited to a bath and will cast a warm, amber glow over the scene, inspiring serenity.

A book. No matter whether the paper kind, kindle or audiobook, a nice read is a great companion to have at hand during a soak. Lighter news and feature stories are also ideal for a bath – bite-sized content you can digest over the course of a bath.

Music. We prefer easygoing songs to engender a relaxing atmosphere. But by all means, choose the tunes that put you in a proper state of mind. We’re not here to judge. We find smooth instrumental jazz is compatible with reading, with a nice background melody sans vocals while we’re turning the pages.

May we also suggest a bathtub caddy? You’re going to want an ample and stable flat space to corral all your goodies and keep them from splashing into the tub. There are many beautiful, handmade versions of these on offer from sites like Etsy that specialize in small shops and local craftsmanship. With all that extra space, you can stow a cup of tea, coffee, or glass of wine - maybe a decadent snack?

These are just a few ideas that came to us in a moment of contemplation and inspiration. We’d love to hear some of yours. Happy bath time!            

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