Custom Scents for Brands

A certain coffee franchise that will go unnamed developed into an empire through its focus on the Third Place. The philosophy holds that our homes are the first, and our offices the second place we dwell, the spaces we spend the majority of our time indoors. A third place lies somewhere outside the definitional boundaries of these two - a curated environment that invites people within its walls and encourages them to stay.

Easier said than done. Home is where we keep all our comforts, after all, where we find privacy. And a company whose trade is coffee has an advantage in this game from the start. Setting aside the gravitational pull of caffeine, the scent of roasting and brewing coffee beans permanently permeates the place. It’s that rare instance when the thing being sold and its scent are the same. Add some comfy furniture and wifi, and you’re well on your way to creating that third space.

So, assuming you don’t run a coffee shop, here’s where candles come in.

Brands seeking to kindle their customers' sense of nostalgia can do so by adopting the power of fragrance. We’ve seen where a popular scent not only brightens the spirits of patrons, but also elevates the mood of staff members. The right scent can create a connection between the customer and your company, be a building block in the foundation of your business as a third place in their minds. Getting your store’s scent right is like rolling out an olfactory red carpet for every guest who walks in your door.      

Music can work that magic, too. That’s why businesses on their best game make sure to have professionally-curated playlists sounding within the walls of their retail spaces. These tracks are chosen not merely as songs to shop by, but as powerful marketing tools. A great song can create a connection with place in the customer’s mind, elevate the experience beyond mere consumption.

That’s why great movies are made all the more so by great music. The best filmmakers go to great pains to pick the perfect tunes, weave them seamlessly into scenes. It’s why films are a great way to discover music that’s new to you, or be reminded of a treasured song that’s come to sound stale to your ears.

But we’re talking scents here, not songs. Back to candles!

Among the February Candle Company’s many offerings, you may find a scent that pairs perfectly with the character of your company. And we’re thrilled to announce that we are now creating custom scents to suit the spirit of your store.

Custom scent for brands and businesses - February Candle Company

Our scent stylists will work with you to formulate a bespoke and sophisticated scent that represents your brand and endears it to customers. Let February Candle Company curate a custom scent profile that captures the essence of your business in a powerful way.

This collection of zero-waste scented candles is one you may give as gifts, use for upcoming events, or sell within your store. In our increasingly distracted digital world, the simple olfactory experience of lighting a candle offers a powerful way to bring us back to the present moment, and enhance the mood while gently evoking various states of mind.

Why shouldn’t your company be a third place for patrons? A custom scent from February Candle Company can help set the scene, and set up your brand, for success.  

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