Yes there is a right way to burn your candle

Candles are a lot more than just wax and a wick. From the ambience its soft glow adds to your space, to the signature scent from its fragrance that permeates your soul, you have to agree that they do more than just provide light and warmth.

When you find your candle soulmate, you want it to last long. And yes, you can actually extend the lifespan of your candle, but only if you burn them the right way, and we’ll show you how in these tips.

Place It In The Right Spot
Strong wind sources like an open window, fans, and ACs will cause your flame to swing around like crazy, making your candle burn quicker and unevenly. Apart from the fact that it is unsafe, it can also spill wax everywhere.

If you’re guilty of one or all of the aforementioned sins, you’re forgiven, but you should stop if you want to see your candles burn longer. Place your candle jar in a calm position, far away from a windy or clustered environment, and let it do its magic!

It’s All About The First Burn
Don’t be in a rush to put out the flame after a few minutes of the first burn, else the candle will tunnel down into the wax, and the wax on the sides will never burn, wasting precious wax and shortening the life span of your candle.

You should instead allow it to form a pool of melted wax across the surface of its cement vessel. It will help the candle to maintain an even wax melting in your next burn. Candle wax has memory so the wax will not form beyond the boundaries it created at the first burn, leaving you with an even and clean burn.

If you already messed up the first burn and your candle is tunnelled, you’re in luck because there’s still a remedy. A quick fix - grab a big sheet of tin foil and wrap it around your candle jar about 3 or 4 times and let it cover the flame a bit. Leave it there, tightly wrapped, while the candle burns and you’ll have a perfectly even candle in no time.

Trim Your Candle Wick
The trick is to trim your wick to be as short as possible (preferably ¼ of its original size), that’s because a shorter wick means you’re going to get an even burn that is safe for you and helps your candle diffuse its scent properly, unlike a long wick that causes bursts of high flames or smoking, and burns out your candle faster.

Keep Wax Pool Debris-Free
Your candle does more for you than just providing light and warmth, it can also be a tranquillizer to soothe your soul and calm you after a stressful day.

If you want to get the best out of your candle try to keep its wax pool free of pieces of charred wick or used matches. Introducing debris into the wax will interfere with the chemistry of the candle and may cause it to burn unevenly. This could clog the wick and prevent it from drawing up the fragrance oil and diffusing the scent.

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