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Create your own custom fragrance

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$1,501.00 USD
Brands working towards capturing their customers' sense of nostalgia can do so by activating the power of scent through sensory experiences. Work with one of our scent stylists to create a sophisticated scent that encapsulates your entire brand for the ultimate immersive experience. Let February Candle Company curate a custom scent profile that represents your brand in a powerful way and create a collection of zero-waste scented candles that you may then use as gifts, for an upcoming event, or sell within your store. In our increasingly distracted digital world, the simple olfactory experience of lighting a candle offers a powerful way to bring us back into the present moment, and enhance the mood while gently evoking various states of mind.

2-3 variation samples per fragrance, 1 ounce

1 round of revisions